to the world
and create Japanese fans

I want people all over the world to feel surprise and happiness through Japanese food.
"Torikou", which has established itself as a high-class yakitori with yakitori and wine in Japan,
We have created a new business format with various productions such as sake that can drink more than
100 kinds of sake at temperature and "Nurukan Sato" as a side dish.
It has been recognized and loved by many people.
In 2017, NYC's contemporary Japanese restaurant "MIFUNE"
Opened "AMANE", an authentic luxury sushi restaurant.
Today, it has been awarded 1 Michelin star and has established itself as one of the most prosperous stores in NYC.

Move on to the next stage

Since its establishment, we will start a contracted operation business by utilizing the experience and know-how
that we have developed more than 50 high value-added stores in more than 20 formats.
The target is domestic / overseas, existing restaurant management-new entry into the restaurant business,
improvement of restaurant value of hotels and inns, etc.
In order to spread "JAPAN QUALITY" in Japan and around the world, we will continue to develop our business in various ways.

Restaurant business

Focusing on high-class Japanese food, we develop creative brands that match the characteristics of the market, from Michelin to specialty businesses and popular restaurants.

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Foreign operation

Acquired Michelin "JAPAN QUALITY expanded to the world

Consulting & contract business

Planning and operation contracts for restaurants and accommodation facilities-consulting support

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